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image of our research targets

The problems such as global warming and shortage of energy resources must be solved promptly for the sustainability of human and global system. , There are some countermeasures to solve these problems, for example, suppressing use of fossil fuels, improvement in energy efficiency and introduction of renewable energy.

The "Energy Management Control Lab.", founded in April 2000, aims to develop efficient energy generation, conversion, storage and consumption systems by means of energy management control and realize the "Smart Mobility". The lab. especially focuses on the use of electrical energy, because the development of power electronic technology has realized excellent controllability of electrical energy.

The lab. deals with the energy management control applied to the "Smart Mobility". Rail and road vehicles are controlled for minimum energy operation taking not only electrical but also kinetic energy. The power supply will be made with renewable energy sources properly controlled. The basic theory for these controllers includes optimal control and mathematical programming as well as electrical and electronics circuit theory, electric machines and power electronics.

Energy is an fundamental element of physical phenomenon, so the research of energy faces the physical phenomenon. The ability to handle energy should be the ability of understanding the physical phenomenon. We intend to develop the talented persons having such ability.

Three major features of TESlab

  • Diversity in Projects and Researchers
    • Many international students as well as Japanese ones join us. Students can set their own research thems voluntary with variety.
  • Unique researches on railways
    • This is one of the unique labs in Japan which deal with electric railways. We have original expertise in railways.
  • Publications with high citations
    • We published some innovative papers in energy conversion and electric railways which have been cited so many times.

Features of Our Research Projects

We are contributing optimal design of social infrastructure to transport energy, passenger and goods by means of electrical engineering. We set the research themes in order to make use of our research experience as shown below.

  • Energy conversion techniques such as electrical machinery and power electronics
  • Application of innovative energy devices such as renewable energy sources, energy storage and contactless power transfer
  • Transportation system technology by civil and mechanical enginnering as well as electrical and electronics engineering
  • Theoretical approach such as optimization and control techniques

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