Studies for International Students and Research Collaboration



The countries of foreign students, visiting researchers, etc.:


Those who are interested in our research activity are welcome, although we can not always provide financial support. We have already invited foreign researchers/students from Asia, Africa, Europe and America as shown above.

Laboratory leaflet mainly for undergraduate students is available. (updated on 2022/05/08)

Study with us in Sophia as a student!

The international program for Master's (Doctoral) course is also available other than the Japanese-taught program. Since we have a lot of offers to join our lab as graduate students from foreign countries, we are sorry if we cannot accept other types of application.

Regarding the short internships, we cannot accept the students officially, because our university does not have the internship programs for science and technology.

Although our research area is wide, please consider to find other professors whose reserch interests match yours. The list of professors are available as in the databse. You can find some other laboratories related with applied superconductivity, AC power system analysis, etc. Please note that the capacity of this laboratory is recently approaching to the maximum limit.

You can watch the YouTube movie for introducing the Green Science and Engineering Programs at Sophia University. It contains undergraduate and postgraduate courses.

Research collaboration with us in Sophia!

Researchers working at south east Asian universities can apply for the Sophia Lecturing-Research Grants by Sophia Science and Technology Exchange Committee (STEC). You can stay for 3 month with full financial support by Sophia. You can live in the guest house of Sophia, at the center of Tokyo.

Sophia University and Some Universities agree the MOU for faculty member exchange for 1~2 months. If your university is in the MOU list, you can visit Sophia.

You can also use the programs by the JSPS to receive financial support.

Introduction to the Department and Division

Our lab belongs to the Department of Engineering and Applied Sciences(EAS) for undergraduate program and Division of Electrical and Electronics Engineering for postgraduate program.

You can apply for the Division of Green Science and Engineering for the courses completely taught in English. It contains field of electrical engineering.

Faculty members in the Division of Electrical and Electronics Engineering:

Email address of the Division of Electrical and Electronics Engineering is ges_eee-co{at}


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