Publications / 発表論文


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Examples of Highly Cited Papers / バズった論文の例

  1. M. Miyatake, A Simple Mathematical Model for Energy-saving Train Scheduling", IEEJ Transactions on Industry Applications, Vol. 131, No.6, pp.860-861, 2011/06. (in Japanese) [Electronic Journal]
    宮武 昌史 「省エネルギーな列車ダイヤ作成のための簡易数理モデル」 電気学会論文誌 D
  2. M. Miyatake, M. Veerachary, F. Toriumi, N. Fujii, H. Ko, Maximum Power Point Tracking of Multiple Photovoltaic Arrays: A Particle Swarm Optimization Approach, IEEE Transactions on Aerospace, Electronic Systems, Vol. 47, No.1, pp.367-380, 2011/01. [IEEE M. Barry Carlton Award 2011] [Electronic Journal] [Sophia Repository]
  3. M. Miyatake, H. Ko, Optimization of Train Speed Profile for Minimum Energy Consumption, IEEJ Transactions on Electrical, Electronics Engineering, Vol.5, No.3, pp.263-269, 2010/05.[Electronic Journal] [Sophia Repository]
  4. N. A. Ahmed, M. Miyatake and A. K. Al-Othman, Power fluctuations suppression of stand-alone hybrid generation combining solar photovoltaic/wind turbine and fuel cell systems, Energy Conversion and Management, Vol.49, No.10, pp.2711-2719, 2008/10. [Electronic Journal]
  5. N. A. Ahmed, M. Miyatake, A Novel Maximum Power Point Tracking for Photovoltaic Applications Under Partially Shaded Insolation Conditions, Electric Power System Research, Vol.78, No.5, pp.777-784, 2008/05. [Electronic Journal]

PhD dissertations / 博士論文

  1. Mitigation of Misalignment Effects in Wireless Power Transfer for Light Rail Transit (AY 2018)
  2. 最小エネルギー列車運転問題の数値解法とその拡張に関する研究 (AY 2006)

Patents / 特許

  1. き電回路網のシミュレーション装置 (2019)
  2. 運行制御装置、運行制御方法及び制御プログラム (2016)

Other References / その他参考情報

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