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Methodology of energy management for railway systems

We concentrate on the railway research that will be the main transportation for the mobility of the smart communities. We have some partnerships with other domestic/foreign universities, research institutes and railway manufacturers and operators.

  • Theory of train driving control to reduce energy consumption
  • Theory of train scheduling to reduce energy consumption
  • Energy management for electric railway systems by using enegy storage devices
  • Design of catenary-free railway system by using enegy storage devices and contactless power transfer
  • How to cope with power supply shortage and failure
  • Optimal energy supply systems for trains in developing countries

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Methodology of energy management for road traffic systems

We intend to apply the research achievements for railway systems shown above to road transportation.

  • Theory of electric vehicle driving control to reduce energy consumption
  • Energy management of charging facilities for electric vehicles and V2H/V2G systems

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Innovative energy devices and their applications

We have made these themes based on the pure electrical engineering since the foundation of our lab. We intend to make use of renewable energy source and energy storage for the smart grids. We have some partnerships within our department.

  • Application of optimization and control theory, such as Maximum Power Point Tracker for Photovoltaic generators and optimal charging control for energy storage systems
  • The smart grid by using renewable energy and storage and inclusion of railway systems

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